Is More than JUST posting pictures

Social Media is

a sophisticated

advertising tool

for your business.


Creating an ad campaigns, be it email, FB, or Instagram, is an effective way to reach your desired audience. Goals could be simply to bring awareness of your business to the community.  It could be to drive traffic to your website or purchase a promotional product. Defining clear goals is the foundation of any campaign. 


Defining your audience – who do you want to target your ad toward. Running a Facebook Ad and pushing it to Instagram is a cost effective method of social media advertisng. Once the ad is complete the data can be analyzed to refine and retarget for your next campaign. 


Create your ad for the campaign. Perhaps it is to showcase your work, or promote a new product. Whatever your goal, make sure the ad is consistent with your branding. Your branding defines you. It should permeate through all aspects of your online presence.


Analyze the data. Take a deep dive into the analytics. We make it easy. We can determine who is looking at your ad, on what device, what time, if they shared or clicked through to a link…This information can be used to refine and retarget.


Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your products and service. It is a visual way to stay connected to your clients and add value to your community.Informative fun videos          can bring awareness and connection.Customers love to see: 

•    Before and After photos

 •    Announcements

 •    Special Events 

Build a following . Share your stories


                         Tell Your Story

Connecting to your community, making them aware of your services can lead to more business and more clients.


Facebook is a cost effective and easy way to reach precise audiences. Let us bring awareness of your products and services to a potential clients based on geography, demographics, or interests. Let’s get you set up:

•     Create Facebook Business Page

•      Link Facebook to your website

•     Establish Facebook Campaigns

Campaigns designed to reach target audiences.

  Analytics You Can Use

Campaign data is compiled,  analyzed and used to inform and retarget your campaign


Let your personality and business shine by sharing videos of yourself or your business. Short videos to share include:

                           •     How To Videos

                           •     A Tour of Your Shop

                           •     Tell Your Story

Build your channel, store your videos 

Share Your Story

Short videos placed on social media are more likely to get viewed and shared.


  The #1 way to directly reach your customers is through email marketing. We create content that caters to your customer. Give them information of value:

•     ‘How To’ articles

 •     sales promotions

         •     Informative articles

Cater your content to specific clients

                                                                                                                             Deliver and Open

                      Because we send valuable information that your clients may need or find interest in. 


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